About Me

Ameer Edoo, formerly known as the beacon of Trinidad & Tobago's stock market, is a retired stockbroker who carved an impressive niche in the financial industry. Hailing from Trinidad & Tobago, his journey from the West Indies to international recognition has been remarkable. While his professional life is laden with accolades and noteworthy accomplishments, his personal life, filled with travel and philanthropy, paints a picture of a man with diverse interests and a heart anchored in giving back.

Current Roles and Activities

Since his retirement, he has been influential in real estate development. Leveraging his vast experience in financial management and investment strategies, he has navigated the dynamic realm of real estate, ensuring lucrative projects that benefit the community.

Career History

West Indies Stockbrokers Ltd (WISE)

At the helm of West Indies Stockbrokers Ltd (WISE), Ameer served as the Chairman & CEO, leading the organization to be recognized as the largest brokerage firm in Trinidad & Tobago. Under his leadership, WISE set new industry standards and benchmarks, forging a legacy that remains unmatched.

Chairmanship of Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange

One of his most lauded professional achievements was being the 1st Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange Chairman. In this esteemed role, he oversaw pivotal changes, steering the market towards globalization and adapting to the ever-evolving demands of modern finance.

Professional Associations and Leadership

Demonstrating his commitment to the industry's advancement, he served as the Past President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Furthermore, his strategic vision was sought after by numerous public companies in Trinidad & Tobago, where he held positions on their Board of Directors.

Academic Background

Ameer Edoo's strong foundation in finance and business can be traced back to his academic pursuits at South West London College in the United Kingdom. Here, he majored in Accounting, acquiring the knowledge and skills to propel him into the financial world and eventually make him a prominent figure in his industry.

Charitable Endeavors and Community Involvement

Beyond his professional accomplishments, he has always committed to his community. One of his standout contributions was his instrumental role in helping to organize the 2001 Under 17 World Cup in Trinidad & Tobago. This symbol of national pride is a testament to his dedication to his roots. He also helped better organize and get charitable tax status for Islamic Home for Children, an orphanage in Gasparillo, Trinidad & Tobago.

In addition, his philanthropic heart has led him to donate generously to various charities, reflecting his belief in giving back and supporting causes that resonate with him.

Personal Life and Interests


A passionate traveler, Ameer believes in the enriching experiences of exploring different cultures, landscapes, and histories. His travel tales span continents, each adding a new layer to his understanding of the world and its wonders.

Awards and Recognitions

He has received several awards for his outstanding contributions to the financial sector. His tenure as the 1st Chairman of the Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange and as the Chairman & CEO of West Indies Stockbrokers Ltd stand as testaments to his professional excellence and unparalleled leadership.

Ameer Edoo's life story is an inspiring blend of professional prowess, personal passions, and a perpetual commitment to community upliftment. As a retired stockbroker, he has left an indelible mark on Trinidad & Tobago's financial landscape. Beyond numbers and stocks, however, lies the heart of a man deeply rooted in his culture, constantly curious about the world, and always eager to give back. A true embodiment of success, he continues to inspire many with his journey from Trinidad & Tobago to Miami and beyond.


Ameer Edoo